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Euro Rods for Everyone

Maybe its spring fever, but for the past couple of months lots of folks have been shopping for new rods. In particula...

Burkheimer Classic Trout Spey Review

I normally don’t subscribe to the whole “he who spends the most has the best fly rod” theory. I try to find good qual...

Plan D Tube Fly Box

I’m tying and using more tube flies for steelhead and Atlantic salmon fishing. One of the few downsides of tube flies...

Ten Products for Everyday Use from Fish Tales

I am part owner of Fish Tales. I am a Mom, wife, business owner, angler. I don't fish as much as I'd like - just like...

Orvis H3

I usually try not to pay too much attention to the hype of premium rods touting their superiority. After all, how muc...

Airflo - Galloup's Nymph Taper (Terry Antoniuk)

I have to confess – I enjoy chironomid and nymph fishing in lakes – but prefer fishing with floating lines and long l...

The “Go To” Box

I recently had a chance to try a new fly box and am impressed with the value and design. The Go To box has a large d...
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