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Dry fly with a dropper aka Hopper/dropper.

We often call it hopper/dropper fishing but this technique can be used for far more than the "hopper" season. Big sti...

"38 MINUTES" - Fish Tales Fly Shop/Jensen FlyFishing

For the past couple of years Fish Tales staff have spent a day (or two) fishing Southern Alberta waters with Jense...

Small for Fall

by David Blair with images from Terry Johnson This article was originally shared in the 2016 edition of the Alberta ...

Indications for Indicators

Nymph fishing is one of the most popular and effective fly fishing techniques. Nymphing techniques vary but one key c...

Warm Water Temperatures and Fishing

Seems this is the summer of hot temperatures and low river flows. These two trends combine to mean increased water te...

Walking with Rods

We ventured to Kananaskis Country last week for a family outing. This was one of our first hiking/fishing trips with ...
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