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DDS and Pike Fishing

  The slow, delayed spring has led to some Disappointing Dad Syndrome.  I took my nine-year-old pike fishing twice (f...

Trip of a Lifetime - Part 1 - Headed to the Seychelles

What does a “trip of a life time” look like? To some, it may be saving up for a float trip on the Bow, or a horseback...

Seychelles Trip of a Lifetime - Part 2 - Fishing in Dubai

Now for the fishing…. We booked a six-hour session with Ocean Active to fish for Queenfish. I had only caught a coup...

Trip of a Lifetime - Part 3 - Mahe to Seychelles

On to the Seychelles for the “fishing portion” of “The trip of a Lifetime,” which in my books was already there! Our ...

Trip of a Lifetime - Part 4 - Fishing in Seychelles

 Day One of Six fishing Alphonse Island We met up with our guides for a walk and wade around the island while 50 to...

Trip Report - La Pescadora, Ascension Bay Mexico - February 23-March 2, 2019

Having just come back from the wonderful sun and sand of Ascension Bay, Mexico to Calgary and -20C winter is still a...

2018 Christmas Island Trip Report

Terry Johnson recently returned from Christmas Island - Kiribati. Terry accompanied a small group to the island from ...
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