Fishing Report - June 8, 2018

The Bow River - What a difference a week makes to water levels. The river has dropped and is clearing. Visibility is about a foot and a half below MacKinnon's and likely clearer closer to the city.

Flies to try: 

Nymphs: You'll want to have a good selection of stonefly nymphs in your box for the foreseeable future.  Your stonefly assortment should include a variety of size 6-8 stonefly nymphs down to a size 14 yellow Sally.

There's also a lot of caddis around that will be hatching within the next couple of weeks. 

Flies to try: Smethurst's stone bomb, wired stone, jimmy legs, Creepy Sally, Strolis' Shimmer Stone, San Juan Worm, Reese's Pieces, BH pheasant tails, UV Hare's Ear, Prince Nymph, beadhead leech pattern like a peacock leech, fruit roll-up, or Aaron's BT leech. 

Dries: Hopper dropper rigs are working. Large foam flies such as Skid Bitch, Yeti Hopper, Jake's Trigger Belly, Chubby Chernobyl. 

Streamers: Average-size streamers were more effective than their big brothers. Clouser minnows, flesh eating sculpins, kreelex minnows,  mini dungeons are all good options to try. Darker colors worked well. 

Lakes: We continue to hear good reports from some of the community and nearby lakes. Chironomids, seal bugger leeches, balanced leeches, booby flies are all good options this time of year. Watch for larger caddis (sedge) hatching soon. 

Pike: The warmer temperatures are pushing pike in to deeper water. Sink tips can up your game for these predators now. 



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