River update - September 2020

River update - September 2020

It's officially the time of year when leaves change color and drop, fish change color and (some) spawn, and our fly selection changes to ever-smaller imitations. It's fall - one of our favorite times to fish our local waters. 

Bow river flows have dropped considerably. Float times are longer and days are shorter. But don't let that stop you from getting out. 

Fish are still responding to hoppers on the Bow and hopper/dropper setups are still a great approach when you head out for a fish. There have been a lot of BWO's (blue winged olive mayflies) and boatmen around as well. 

Flies to try: 

Dries: Smaller-sized (10-14) hoppers like yetis, yellow stone, more-or-less in olive, golden, purple, tan. X-caddis, Swisher's dancing caddis, hackle stackers, parachute adams, BWO patterns like the double vision.

Nymphs: San Juan Worms - wire worm, chenille worm, atomic worm, Reese's Pieces. Prince nymphs, Dee's boatman,Wagler's boatman, lightning bugs, copper john's, hare's ears, eevil weevils/black widow weevils, BWO killers. 

Streamers: Black and White clouser, Flesh eating sculpin, Skiddish smolt, BT leeches, Bow river buggers. 

Remember that McKinnon's Flats is now closed for the season in order for work to be completed on a new road to the access. 

Mountain streams should be a little quieter now and are (from all reports) still fishing well. By this point in the season the fish have seen significant pressure which means they've seen lots of flies and lots of anglers. You may need to downsize your flies and leaders to have success. 

Flies to try: 

Dries: BWO's, small attractors like chubby's, trudes, humpies, hoppers, ants. 

Nymphs: copper johns, lightning bugs, boatman patterns, eevil weevils, black widow weevils, BWO killers 

Streamers: Muddy buddies, skiddish smolts, gartside leech, dungeons, Dali Llama's. 

Happy Fishing. 


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