October 21 Fishing Update

October 21 Fishing Update

Well, we have officially had a complete change of seasons since last update! This below average weather will have dropped the water temperatures quickly and most likely pushed many rainbows closer or into their over wintering water. The Brown trout spawn will have started in full now so please pay attention when wading. Brown (and bull) trout Redds will be visible and need to be avoided.

Bow river flows are very much in the average range for this time of year. We have slightly more water now that the irrigation canals have been shut off. Float times are still longer and days are noticeably shorter. But don't let that stop you from getting out once your guides won’t freeze every two minutes! 

Once it does warm up expect that the only hatch remaining will be midges. That being said the water boatmen are still prevalent and the fish will continue to eat them. Hopper Dropper fishing will be less effective, but for those diehards who don’t want to say they are light nymphing just make your dropper a bit longer! Full nymph rigs or streamer set ups will be your primary techniques for the months to come.

Flies to try: 

Dries: Smaller-sized Giffith’s Gnat, (16 and smaller), Parachute Adams 18 or 20, other favorite midge patterns if you get lucky enough to find rising fish.

Nymphs: San Juan Worms - wire worm, chenille worm, atomic worm, Reese's Pieces. Prince nymphs,  lightning bugs, dark colored copper john's, hare's ears, eevil weevils/black widow weevils, jimmy legs or wired stones in #10 as next years stonefly hatch are available to the fish.

Streamers: Flesh eating sculpin, BT leeches, Peacock Leech, sculpin patterns for you swingers out there. 

Remember that McKinnon's Flats remains closed for the season due to road upgrades. 

Mountain streams are basically finished for the season due to the length of the cold front. It doesn’t look like it will warm up enough by the time the season closes on Oct 31st.

The Crowsnest and Lower Oldman will remailn open through the winter and will provide some reliable fishing once it warms up.

Flies to try: 

Dries: Midges  

Nymphs: copper johns, lightning bugs, Tung Studs, Zebra Midges, San Juan Worms 

Streamers: Muddy buddies, dungeons, Dali Llama's. 

Happy Fishing. 

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