Foam, Feathers and Fine Art

Foam, Feathers and Fine Art

Visitors to the shop recently might have noticed that we've updated the decor in the fly tying section. A collection of almost 50 signed and numbered fine art prints is now on display in the shop and available for purchase online. Featuring scenes from tarpon fishing to duck hunting to other wildlife, these signed and numbered prints are priced competitively. There are multiple artists included in this collection, but three are worth noting individually.

The first is Axel Amuchastegui (b.1921). This Argentinian-born artist is considered one of the premier wildlife illustrators of the 20th century. His detailed renderings are reflective of his self-taught style and unique use of paints and Chinese inks. While we have only two of his prints to display, they are among the most captivating wildlife images in this collection. Featured here is "Jaguar Resting".

Axel Amuchastegui Jaguar Resting

Second, Maynard Reece (1920 - 2020) has the honor of being the only five-time winner of the Federal duck stamp competition and America's most distinguished painter of waterfowl and game birds. He was the first artist published by Mill Pond Press, the printer responsible for much of the work in this collection. His association with American duck stamp programs spans forty years. The success of Reece's 1972 First of Iowa State Duck Stamp is the standard by which all other programs are measured. His legacy lives beyond his 100 years. Featured here is Reece's "Sunset - Canada Geese".

Maynard Reece Sunset Canada Geese

Finally, we must mention Chet Reneson (b. 1934), American sportsman and watercolor master, for the quantity and quality of his work present in this collection. This painter has the unique "distinction of being named Artist of the Year by Ducks Unlimited, Trout Unlimited and the Atlantic Salmon Federation." (Antiques and the Arts Weekly – May, 1999). His compositions highlight sporting scenes in loose, tonal brushstrokes that capture the light and feeling of a day in the marsh or on the water.  Also a famed carver of wooden duck decoys, Reneson lives with his wife in Connecticut. Featured here is "First Run". A large portion of this collection is Reneson's work.

Chet Reneson First Run

Besides the three artists previously mentioned, there are also works by Burton E. Moore, William Hollywood, Bud Breen, Jack Cowin, Robert Bateman and more. Visit us soon and take some fine art home with your feathers and foam!



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