Leaves from a Steelheader's Diary

Leaves from a Steelheader's Diary

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Faithfully documents the realities of fly-fishing for steelhead, the good days, the bad days, the joys of small personal victories, the sadness of failures, the irritation of rivers in spate, & the joys of being in the places where steelhead fly-fishing takes you. 6x9 inches, 158 pgs.

"If you are addicted to steelhead fly-fishing, as am I, then, when you read this book you will feel much like a skid row derelict warming up to the whispered lies of cheap wine or an alcoholic turned loose in a distillery. Such is the charm of this book In short this is a book that can be picked-up and put-down at will. However, if you are like me you will have difficulty putting it down." - Alec Jackson

Illustrated by Eldridge Hardie

By John Alevras - 2010 

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