Essential Fly Fishing

Essential Fly Fishing

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Essential Fly Fishing Learning the Right Way and Improving the Skills You Have

Go to fly-fishing school with this concise, full-color guide of proven techniques aimed at the beginner. A good intro to this fascinating, rapidly growing sport. Concisely explains fishing ethics, offers helpful safety precautions, & defines basic angling terms. 150 Color Illus; 6x9 inches, 160 pgs.

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Essential Fly Fishing presents the fundamentals of this great sport quickly and effectively. Proven teaching techniques and bright, helpful illustrations enable you to: find fish in streams, lakes, and salt water; select and assemble proper, balanced tackle; cast a fly line with authority—with rhythm, not strength; recognize and learn to simulate natural fish foods; learn fishing techniques that really work; tie effective knots that have maximum strength; and begin the endlessly interesting process of tying your own flies.

This easy-to-follow book concisely explains fishing ethics, offers helpful safety precautions, and defines basic angling terms. The chapter on fly-rod fish describes the unique sport that many species—from trout to whitefish—offer fly fishers. Essential Fly Fishing is a superbly illustrated primer of the highest rank. 

By Tom Meade - 2020

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