Daiichi 1730 - Stonefly Nymph Hook - 3X Long

Product image 1Daiichi 1730 - Stonefly Nymph Hook - 3X Long
Product image 2Daiichi 1730 - Stonefly Nymph Hook - 3X Long

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This hook was specifically designed to enhance the natural appearance of stonefly nymph fly patterns. In older fly tying instructions, tyers were often instructed to bend the hook shank of a typical 3X or 4X-long hook down, that way the final product exhibits a curved or bent body more closely resembling the actual nymphs which bend between the thorax and abdomen when they free swim. Manually bending a finished hook always compromises the metal and is not recommended.

These hooks come pre-shaped for perfect looking imitations. The hooks are made of the finest high-carbon steel, which is hardened and tempered to an exacting formula that makes for a long point life and a very strong hook. Daiichi hooks use a 12-degree constant taper ground needle point. This eliminates irregularities in shape, assuring no weak spots, and gives amazing speed of penetration.


  • Round bend
  • Down-eye
  • Bent down shank
  • Bronze Finish
  • 3X-long shank
  • 1X-heavy wire
  • Uses: Stonefly Nymphs, Crab patterns
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