Bonefishing: Fly Fishing the Flats - Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon, Trevally by Randal Kaufmann

Bonefishing: Fly Fishing the Flats - Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon, Trevally by Randal Kaufmann

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Imagine you are somewhere in the tropics wading in shallow 80-degree water over hard-packed sand. A light breeze rustles coconut palms along the beach, and the air   temperature is 78 degrees. . .the perfect climate for man. It is also the perfect climate for bonefish. You spot a pair of silvery, ghost-like bonefish cruising the beach. They stick their metallic-bright tails up in the air as they tip down to feed. They are close, not 30 feet away, when your shrimp imitation lands nearby. You watch transfixed as one fish rushes your fly, tips downward, and inhales it. Upon feeling resistance, the bonefish activates its panic mode, smokes your reel, and bends your rod to the breaking point. You can’t believe its speed and strength. You gaze around, wondering if someone will awaken you from the perfect dream. There is nobody in sight; nothing disturbs your fun. You hear the soothing sound of gentle waves washing upon the deserted beach and notice the distant surf crashing on the offshore reef. The cry of a frigate or tern momentarily distracts you  from the speeding bonefish. You reflect that life doesn’t get much better. Bonefishing has infected and addicted many anglers. If you have not yet experienced bonefishing, you still have the best to look forward to. Why is bonefishing so much fun? Simple. Bonefish are beautiful, strong, aggressive, and plentiful. Anglers hunt, stalk, and hook them in knee-deep water at some of the most beautiful places in the world. You see it all happen—the cast, take, hookup and blitzing run. . .and it happens often. Of all the fish in the sea, bonefish do it best for fly fisherman. 

This book tells you how, when and where to fly fish for bones. Included in its 400 color pages are 130,000 words detailing all aspects of the sport, including
• Distribution• Tides• Tackle and Gear
• Angling History• Food Sources• Knots
• Natural History• Choosing A Fly• Guides

• Types of Flats• Spotting, Stalking• Adventuring
• Mangroves• Strategies• Booking a Trip
• Geography of Flats• Retrieves• The First Time
• Weather & Bone' Movements• Hooking, Landing, Releasing • Safety

In addition, learn how to find and fish for barracuda, jacks, permit, sharks, snook, tarpon and trevally. Bonefish are found throughout the tropic and subtropical waters, including the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. Destinations discussed in detail include
• Bahamas• Cayman Is.• Florida Keys • Los Roques
• Belize• Christmas Is.• Kanton Island• Yucatan
• Bikini• Cuba• Seychelles 

A dozen expert guest authors share their bonefishing insights and experiences, including R. Valentine Atkinson, Tim Borski, Paul Brunn, Buck Buchenroth, Yvon Chouniard, Ralph Cutter, Kevin Erickson, Doug Jorgensen, Lance Kaufmann, Gary Kemsley, Gordon Nash, Brian O’Keefe, Ed Opler, John Randolph, Rick Ruoff, and Jerry Swanson. Adventure photographer Brian O’Keefe has collected the world’s most beautiful images of bonefish and bonefish country. Over 500 of Brian’s breathtaking photos are reproduced in stunning color.  Renowned angling artist Mike Stidham created over 100 original acrylics illustrating bonefish habitat, their foods and angling strategies.    

By Randall Kaufmann - 1997

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