Nancy Storwick - Owner

Nancy is David’s partner in business and in life. She’s fished for tiger fish in the Zambezi River, tarpon and bonefish in Cuba, Australia’s baramundi, and various species throughout South America. Closer to home she enjoys streamer and dry fly fishing on the Bow River within minutes of home and work and loves fishing to Cutthroat trout in nearby smaller waters.

Recent trips to Cuba, the Bahamas, Mexico, Christmas Island, and Belize have whet her appetite for more saltwater excursions. Few moments in her fishing experience rival her solitary pursuit of Mayaguana’s bonefish and subsequent hook up with a “ghost of the flats.” Simply put – she can’t wait to do it again.

More about Nancy….

How long have you been fishing? I fished a little bit as a kid. Strangely my Dad says he always figured me to be the least likely of his kids to be interested in fishing or the outdoors….

How long have you been fly fishing? I started fly fishing while in university and while traveling in ’94-’95. I fished a fair bit between ’97 and 2002 – dry fly on the Bow, other area streams, salmon fishing in BC’s lower mainland, and a few excursions into cold and warm saltwater. In 2002 we had our first child which (as most parents can probably attest) seriously cut into the fishing time. Now that the kids are adults, David and I have started traveling and fishing together again more. 

How did you get started in fly fishing? My Dad offered me my first introduction to the sport, but it wasn’t until Dave and I were dating that I really got into it.

Favorite species?

  • Freshwater – It’s a toss-up for me.Recent trips to South America for golden dorado, peacock bass and other voracious species in South America have been loads of fun. More locally I love cutthroat trout because of the beautiful places they live, and the Bow River with its Rainbows and Browns is so close to home…. 
  • Saltwater – I can officially say I love tarpon. I love their explosive jumps. I love the adrenalin burst I feel when I see them key in on my fly…. But the reality is I love the whole tropical saltwater experience – I don’t like being cold.  Bonefish are fun because of their screaming runs. Permit intrigue me because they’re permit. Barracuda’s aggressive streak is impressive. Too many choices (and too little time….)

Favorite water?

  • River – The Bow River; it’s an incredible fishery and only a 10-minute walk from home…. 
  • Lake – Don’t get to fish a lot of lakes lately. I love the beauty and solitude of the lakes in Canada’s North.
  • Saltwater – The flats of Las Salinas, Cuba

Favorite technique? Sight fishing

Favorite flies?


  • Peacock Caddis
  • Skid Bitch
  • TJ Hooker


  • P’s Bunky Shrimp
  • EP Spawning Shrimp
  • Tarpon toad

Favorite fishing book or DVD

  • Favorite Vise (as in the tool.) I don’t have time to tie.... but when I do I use the Renzetti Saltwater Presentation 4000 because it’s what’s here.

Prefer to fish alone or with friends? I definitely prefer fishing with friends.

Two things you wouldn’t go fishing without (aside from rod, reel, line, flies) Sunglasses and sun protective clothing.

Interesting anecdote (ie. Embarrassing moment with a fly rod, interesting story about something you caught, etc.)

During a (2004) self-guided (Dave, Rob, and I) excursion on a flat in Mayaguana, Bahamas I became very focused on casting to a boxfish. I’d stated early in the trip that I had no interest in fishing for sharks. I was so focused on this sole boxfish that I didn’t notice the large black tipped reef shark heading my direction on the flat until Rob called out to me “I thought you said you didn’t want to fish for sharks.” He always laughed about me yelling back “David I’m terrified” as I virtually ran across water to get back to them.

More recently on an early morning outing for tarpon I simply couldn’t put things together. It was as though I’d forgotten how to cast overnight. Thankfully my boat partner and guide were both patient and after a few choice words to myself and the guide’s encouragement to just “relax” I regained some confidence and managed to get my cast back, strip set and land a few tarpon. Just goes to show that I need to heed my own advice and practice casting before travel.

Most interesting (remote, distant, crowded, etc.) location you’ve fished.

  • Namibia with guide named Zebra. We were targeting tiger fish and seeing crocodiles, hippos, fish eagles, etc. The one fish we got to the boat the guide offered to feed to a passing fish eagle so we could get a good photo opportunity. The bird got the fish – I missed the photo. The guide didn’t have fish for dinner.

Your destination/species wishlist:

  • Tiger Trout
  • Grayling
  • Rooster Fish
  • Mahi Mahi
  • Redfish

Given the opportunity who would you choose to fish with? Or someone who has inspired you as an angler/tyer/teacher/guide.

  • Despite what I say about not wanting to hear what Dave (my husband) has to say about my technique, rowing ability, knots, etc. I am enjoying our fishing time together.
  • Our kids and Fish Tales staffers!
  • Other anglers who are out there to have fun.

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