Mid-July river report

Mid-July river report

The Bow is still flowing higher than historical averages and the fish are loving it! We are seeing very healthy fish across the size range. We were fortunate that there was lots of water in the river during this past week's hot weather. We think the chances are low for the Time of Day Angling Restrictions needing to kick in over the next couple of weeks. 

Boat launch maintenance, due to the June flood, is happening July 19 & 20th at Policeman’s. Access at Police will be CLOSED as it needs road work. See Bow River Trout Foundation for updated information. 

Please note that Fish Creek boat launch is also scheduled to be closed on July 18 (as per Fish Creek Provincial Park advisories page.) 

We have had a hot weather week with no storms but that is changing in the next couple of days so make sure you are prepared for stormy weather. (Don't leave home without your rain jacket.)

Snow melt has continued to be steady from Banff which is keeping our water higher than normal. Again that bodes very well for later in the season. The absolute best way to find out what is happening with the flows is the AB River’s App. Find up to the minute flows at https://rivers.alberta.ca/

Hatches are in full swing now. Currently we have caddis by the face full, sally stone flies, PMD’s and David even saw his first trico of the season.

Of course the “glory bug” the golden stones have been hatching in the past week. This means late nights or early mornings for people hoping to experience the big eat! When the light is low the color of the fly makes little difference. The most important thing is for you to be able to see it!!  Tie on a size 6-8 foam fly of your liking and heavy tippet (1X or 2X) and hang on. We don’t know how much longer this hatch will be "on" but it's sure fun while it lasts.

With the river levels high, and the visibility (Friday July 15) a beautiful  18-24”, streamers are still king! Fishing a leech pattern either under an indicator (or stonefly dry) or as a second streamer with something “meatier” can be extremely effective.

Nymphing is also working well with some of the “smaller” bugs starting to work. Caddis pupa, and PMD nymphs, are showing up regularly in throat samples now. There has been OK dry fly fishing in the evenings due to the lack of “softer” water. As the river drops that should improve.

Prepare for mosquitos as they are out in force!

Admire these fish now as they are as healthy as we’ve seen them in several years. It is very nice to see.


Flies To Try:

Nymphs:   Caddis Sparkle Pupa, Prince Nymph, San Juan Worms, TJ Hooker, Jimmy legs,  leeches, PMD nymphs (pheasant tail works well) and other “mayfly” style nymphs like Copper Johns in #14-#16.

Dries: Bloom's Para Caddis, Swisher's Dancing Caddis, Peacock Caddis, Dornan’s Micro Water Walker, Micro Chubby, Skid Bitch, Chubby Chernobyl, Real Golden Stone, Jake's Trigger Belly.

Streamers: Kreelex Minnows, Gartside Leach (bleeding leech), Coffee’s Sparkle Minnow, Peacock Leach, Aaron’s Leech, BH Squirrel Leech (just arrived thanks to one of our local tiers)

Happy Fishing! 


Chunky Bow River brown trout caught during David and Nancy's mid-July anniversary float.

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