Fishing Report - May 5, 2017

Fishing Report - May 5, 2017

Fishing on the Bow has been somewhat inconsistent lately…. Although midges are abundant, fish aren’t really keyed in to them. There has been some action on BWO’s in the latter part of the afternoon but you need patience, perseverance and a willingness to put in time to capitalize on dry fly opportunities.

Streamer fishing has produced some beautiful buttery brown trout. And nymphing is producing (as always.) The fish are fat and healthy. The season is upon us.

During our spring “bugs of the Bow” session on Sunday, April 30, kick samples produced a surprising number of stonefly nymphs. Reports from some guides this week indicate the fish are definitely keyed in to these bugs. Some guides are fishing a large foam dry (stone) with a size 8 or 10 stonefly nymph as the dropper. The dropper has been producing.

Visibility is ok -clearer above Fish Creek and the Highwood. If the weather holds we will continue to see localized runoff impacting water clarity. You’ll experience clearer water above the Highwood. If you’re floating you’ll likely experience clearer conditions on river left near the mouth of the Highwood.

Most of the fish being caught these days are brown trout or rocky mountain whitefish. Many of the rainbows are in ‘spawning-mode.’ Please watch out for – and avoid fishing to – redds when out exploring.

Flies to try:

Dries: Dunnigan’s BWO, para-extended body BWO, Klinkhammer, Hi-Vis Parachute Midge, BWO emerger patterns. We’ve heard a few reports of caddis in the evenings – and the Mother’s Day Caddis isn’t far off. Foam caddis, Swisher’s dancing caddis.

Streamers: Clousers in black/white or olive/white, kreelex minnows, skiddish smolt, white dungeons, muddy buddy in black, Bow river bugger.

Nymphs: San Juan worm, caddis pupa, Evo(lution) stonefly prince, Aaron’s BT rubber leg stonefly, larger (10/12) prince nymphs, copper johns in red or gold, rubber leg squirrel nymphs.

Sounds as though the rivers to the south are starting to experience significant runoff so the Bow may be the safer bet than the Crow for the next while. Northern streams had dirtied up but recent reports are that they’re shaping up again.

Please remember to clean, drain, dry your gear between watersheds. Don’t forget to pull the plugs when transporting your boats. Happy fishing!

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