International Women's Day - March 8, 2024

International Women's Day - March 8, 2024

Recent years have seen an influx of new anglers to the world of fly fishing with more women enjoying the sport than ever before. And why not? Fly fishing is a sport that requires technique, timing, observation, and patience. It's also a great way to experience the outdoors, escape daily stresses, and connect with others.

Alongside this growth in the angling public we are seeing increased representation in the industry. While Fish Tales has always been a 50/50 ownership between Nancy Storwick/David Blair, Nancy is no longer the only woman on our team. We now have four female team members - Courtney Neal, Grace Henderson, Brianna Blair - whose energies are focused on everything from management, to marketing, to website, to inventory control, to sales, to destination hosting. 

We're also seeing broader representation throughout the industry including several other Alberta women:

  • Lynda McLennan (McLennan Fly Fishing)
  • Amber Toner (The Bugparade)
  • Timbre Pringle (one half of Faceless Fly Fishing) 
  • Amelia Jensen (Jensen Flyfishing) 
  • local guides Paula Shearer (PS on the Fly) and Angie Rankin (Dave Brown Outfitters)
  • and an active and energized local women's fly fishing club (Calgary Women Fly Fishers.) 

Flashback to 1997 when Fish Tales opened its doors. There were no options for women's waders. We now stock three brands - 6 styles. Thankfully, manufacturers like Orvis and its 50/50 on the water campaign, Patagonia with some great women's apparel/wading options, good wader options  from SIMMS, and Huk with a complete line of women's sun and rain protection are offering some great options for the female angler. (And they no longer all have pink trim. 😉)

We've come along way since Joan Wulff entered the "casting arena" more than 80 years ago and started paving the way for future female anglers. 

At Fish Tales we are excited to continue welcoming more women to fly fishing which everyone can enjoy alone or with others and from youth to old age.  



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