The big (display) fish story

The big (display) fish story

We have an awesome and huge fish hung above our reel counter. We didn't go in search of this fish. It came to us via a customer. 

This customer works in commercial real estate and knows a LOT of people. One day several years ago he was asked if he wanted some fish decor for his house. Being a keen angler he (of course) said sure. When he took this fish home it wasn't a welcome addition to the house so he called David (Blair) and asked if we wanted some fish decor for the shop. David accepted the offer and shortly thereafter the customer arrived in his truck with the fish in the bed of the truck. 

After our initial shock at the size we realized this fish would work perfectly above our reel counter where it has hung ever since. 

This colorful rainbow(esque) fish had been part of the decor at a local grocery store's fish counter for years but was re-homed to us (via Kevin) when that grocery store renovated. 



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