Sex, Death, and Fly-Fishing

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In this compilation of short stories, John Gierach's takes us from his quiet home water (an ordinary, run-of-the-mill trout stream where fly-fishing can be a casual affair) to Utah's famous Green River, and to unknown creeks throughout the Western states and Canada. We're introduced to a lively group of fishing buddies, some local "experts" and even an ex-girlfriend, along the way

Contemplative, evocative, and wry, he shares insights on mayflies and men, fishing and sport, life and love, and the meaning (or meaninglessness) of it all.


1 Sex, Death, and Fly-fishing
2 Bass Fishing by the Numbers
3 Midge Fishing
4 Expertizing
5 I'd Fish Anyone's ST. Vrain
6 The Less-loved Fishes
7 Sticks
8 The Drought Year
9 Neither Snow, nor Rain, nor Gloom of Night
10 Fly-fishing's National Bird
11 Guiding and Being Guided
12 The Chairman's Bass
13 Rivers
14 A Quiet Week
15 Wyoming
16 British Columbia
17 The Trout Wars
18 Autumn

A freelance writer and a trout bum, John Gierach has had stories published in most major fishing and outdoor magazines. 

By John Gierach - 1997

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