Hit the Lakes! Bow River Report June 4, 2021

Hit the Lakes! Bow River Report June 4, 2021

Just in time for the recent heat wave, Kananaskis Access Passes have come into effect, patios are open for business (hooray!), and runoff is officially here. The Bow River is consistently flowing at rates of 250 m³/s or more so our guided Bow river floats are once again on pause. Visibility in the city is minimal with the Sheep and Highwood Rivers pumping muddy water into the lower stretches. Check the flows at https://rivers.alberta.ca/ or on the AB Rivers App.

Need help figuring out how to use the app? Check out this video from Dave. 


While fishing chances on the Bow are going to be slim for the next week or so, as the water level drops swing your streamers in along the banks for fish holding in the soft water there. Start looking for dry fly risers in the latter half of June. Remember, safety first should be your mantra when approaching the Bow during high water.

Take this opportunity to explore Alberta's stillwater scene. Pike lakes have been fishing well and pike can be found in the shallows and along drop offs where the weed beds are just starting to fill in. Many lakes stocked with rainbow and tiger trout are open and are producing quality fish. Get out your Fishing Guide, Backroad Mapbook, and Fishing Regulations and get ready to do some exploring.

Flies to try

Streamers for lakes: Tequila Booby, Rickard's Chub Minnow, Doc Spratley, Mohair Leech.

Streamers for pike: Perch patterns, Len's Killa Pike Stripper, Stir Fry, Ripple Ice Deceiver.

Dries for lakes: Goddard Caddis, Mikaluk Sedge, damselflies, Storwick Special.

Nymphs for lakes: Ultimate Boatman, balanced leeches, Grizzly Damsel, Gomphus, chronimids.

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