Ten Products for Everyday Use from Fish Tales

Ten Products for Everyday Use from Fish Tales

I am part owner of Fish Tales. I am a Mom, wife, business owner, angler. I don't fish as much as I'd like - just like most everyone. And though I've tied the occasional fly, I haven't used a tying vise in far too long. Life is hectic and I simply don't have time to do everything I enjoy.  

I know I'm not alone in that. Sure I get to test new rods, order new and proven product,  contribute to pretty much everything else that goes on in the shop but my current reality is I just can't dedicate a ton of time to being on the water. That said, I've realized recently there are several products from Fish Tales that our house uses EVERYDAY. Here's a look at some of them....

  1. Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket/Hoodie - Everyone in the Blair household owns a Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket, hoodie, or both. I don't go anywhere without this item. I wear it in the shop, to-and-from the shop, walking the dog, doing errands, fishing (here and even a couple of days in the tropics.) Nano Puffs pack down to virtually nothing. They are thin, lightweight, and versatile.They dry super fast because they're a synthetic fill. We stock them for men and women. $239 jacket / $299 hoodie.
  2. Kaenon Sunglasses -  These polarized sunglasses are great for time spent on the water and equally good for other outdoor pursuits. The lenses in Kaenon's are SR91 technology. They're optically comparable to glass, scratch resistant, and shatter proof. Lenses are available in a variety of color tints and darknesses. My current favorite lens is a B12 - brown lens that blocks all but 12% of light. I wear these fishing, driving, everyday. We carry a variety of styles and lens tints. $220 - $300/pair. (Also available in prescription.)
  3. Patagonia Black Hole duffels - As our kids progressed through elementary school and middle school I grew tired of replacing their backpacks EVERY year. The inexpensive packs simply did not hold up to 10 months of hauling lunches and books back and forth to school. So a few years ago we purchased a Black Hole backpack for our oldest and last year one for our youngest. These packs are used every school day, on road trips, vacations, and overnight visits to friends. Our oldest doesn't use a locker in high school so hauls everything, everywhere.... everyday. The black hole bag we bought him a few years back isn't showing any sign of wear. Definitely worth the extra up front cost (as compared to what we had been buying) and better for the environment. Mike V uses the Black Hole series as his pack for travel. Bags range in price depending on size. We have a variety of sizes/styles in stock. 
  4. Clics Eyewear - It's taken me a few years to admit this.... I'm at that age/stage of life. I already wear corrective glasses/contacts but my eyes are having a harder (and harder) time adjusting for closeup tasks. The Clics eyewear are super handy because they can be worn all day loose around the neck. The nose piece is magnetic so can be clicked together on your nose when needed and unclicked and left to hang around your neck when not needed. I mostly need them for computer/office work but they're also necessary when tying flies to tippet and for knots. They're handy for fly tiers as well. Available in strengths 1.0 through 3.5 (in steps of .5.) $55 each
  5. Patagonia baselayer (underwear) - TMI I know but everyone in the Blair household starts their daily dressing routine with a pair of Patagonia undies. Initially worn because they're quick dry and good for wade fishing but we've evolved to wearing them all day everyday. Can't speak for the boxers but the Patagonia daily hipster is super comfy, stays put, is lightweight, and has minimal seams. $29/pair. Boxer price $39/pair
  6. Insulated coffee mugs. I enjoy my daily two cups of java. Our house has a collection of Montana Fly Company Vacuum Mugs and SIMMS thermal coffee mugs that all get used. I generally start the day with two full mugs and work through those. The coffee stays 'fresher' and hotter in these thermal mugs than if left in the pot. $39.95 and up. 
  7. Silipint glass - These unbreakable silicone glasses get used daily at our house. Great for camping or in the boat too. Fun colors and a great size. $20 each. 
  8. Croakies Dog Collar - These fish-inspired dog collars are just one more way to let folks know about your passion for finned critters. Our rescue, Woody, has a couple but wears his brown trout one the most. $30 each. We have a few in stock in sizes medium and large. 
  9. FlyVines Dog Leash - FlyVines is a Montana-based company that recycles fly lines into bracelets, lanyards, coasters, dog leashes and collars, and more. Although I own a couple of the bracelets it's the dog leash that's used the most at our house. The (generally) two-toned leashes are fly lines that have been braided together. The hardware is durable and the leash withstands Woody's enthusiasm while walking. $29.95 each   
  10. Fishpond Lipbalm - Since Alberta's climate is dry - especially in winter - we all battle chapped lips and dry skin. We use the Fishpond Lipbalm year around. It's 100% natural ingredients, offers UV protection, and is slightly minty. A favorite for everyone at the Blair house. $5.99/stick. 

Hope you'll take some time to check out some of these not-so-fishy products the next time you're in for some flies or tying materials. 


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