Maxima is back!

Maxima is back!


For months and months customers have been asking for Maxima Chameleon monofilament for Euro-style lines and leaders.  Good news!  We listened and it is back on the shelves. 

Maxima Chameleon has unique properties that enable it to change color hues to match the surrounding water and light conditions.  To our eye, it has a dark amber profile when compared to traditional monofilament or Maxima Ultragreen.  Maxima is legendary for its strength, durability, and stiffness and is used extensively on the Bow for streamers, nymphing and even dry fly tippet.

Maxima Chameleon is fantastic stuff for those wanting to build their own Euro leaders (e.g., see Lance Egan’s How-To Video) because it is incredibly strong, relatively stiff, has low memory (you can stretch and straighten easily), knots extremely well and is relatively inexpensive.  Most of our guys prefer to use a Euro nymphing fly line, but some folks even run straight maxima (i.e., a Mono Rig).

We have everything you need in the shop for Euro/Contact/Tight-line….nymphing rigs including Rio Two-tone Indicator tippet (sighter material), tippet rings, fluorocarbon tippet and lots of flies.   If you’re not so inclined to tie up your own leaders or in a hurry, we also have Rio Euro Leaders ready to go for your next adventure.

See our discussion of Euronymphing rods too.



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