International Women's Day 2020

Fly fishing is often perceived as a predominantly male sport but look closer and you'll discover significant female contributors throughout the sports' history. 

From Dame Juliane Barnes who wrote "The Treatise on Fishing With An Angle" in 1420, to casting aficionado and teacher Joan Wulff, to Maxine McCormick the teenage casting sensation with two world casting titles to her name, women have long had a broad reach in this sport. 

Oft-times the contributions of women to the sport is understated. In our local market you'll find several examples including Fish Tales' own Nancy Storwick and Iron Bow's Noelle Northcott-Day. These women are both co-owners of their respective shops, actively involved in day-to-day and longterm management of their businesses. Yet undoubtedly still being asked "do you fish?" which to be clear they both do. 

Canada has our share of more recognized female contributors to fly fishing too:

  •  April Vokey - who started her fly fishing career as a steelhead guide, fly tying instructor, fly fishing ambassador, and has continued her contributions to the sport through her podcast "Anchored." 
  •  Amelia Jensen who's dedicated her career to guiding, photography, art, and fly fishing education. Amelia is half of the JensenFlyFishing team (alongside husband Dave) which has an on-line following of 78K plus.   
  • Paula Shearer, Yellow Dog Ambassador, Southern Alberta guide, and pro-staff for several top manufacturer's 
  • Ruth Zinck - internationally recognized fly tier.
  • Lynda McLennan - fly casting instructor and photographer. 
  • Timbre Pringle - 1/2 of Faceless Fly Fishing 
  • Amber Toner - The "BugParade"
  • Courtney Neal - industry professional and artist. 
  • Not to mention an active Calgary Women's Fly Fishing Club
  • and too many others to list. 

On this International Women's Day join us in celebrating women especially those who choose to be active in the world of fly fishing. 



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