Covid 19, Supply Chain, and Special Orders

Covid 19, Supply Chain, and Special Orders

Covid 19 continues to disrupt our recreation, social lives, and supply chains.  

And while we don't want to incite panic - remember the rush on toilet paper in the early days of Covid? - we do recommend you plan ahead if possible.   

Covid 19 restrictions mean many industries are facing shortages of product - we all know this.  The reality is that manufacturers - including fly fishing gear manufacturers -  are working with fewer people and lighter production lines which means less stuff is being produced. For us this isn't only impacting finished product it's impacting fly tying materials, hooks, pretty much everything. 

Orders that historically we could submit and have in-store within two weeks are taking significantly longer and have lower fill rates. This means we aren't getting everything we're ordering and can't always deliver in the timelines we'd like to. 

Covid 19 has also inspired a whole new generation of anglers to venture in to the sport. Not since the days of "THE MOVIE" (A River Runs Through It") has there been such a huge insurgence of new anglers. While this is good for the industry it wasn't anticipated and manufacturers are working hard to meet this new demand. 

Please be patient. Though we are doing our best to fulfill special orders and customer requests we simply cannot get what isn't available and are at the mercy of supply/demand when it comes to delivery timelines. 

Fortunately, we do have reasonable inventory AND have significant product booked. However we are being told not to rely on fill in orders because the inventory just might not be available to fill them. 

The bottom line.... If you know you want/need to purchase items for this season we'll be better able to help you out if you give us some lead time so we can get your requests in the queue with our suppliers.


Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

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