Fishin' Good Reads

Fishin' Good Reads

Long Alberta winters call for cozy evenings in with a hot beverage and good book. Fish Tales has one of the best selections of fly-fishing reading material in the local market. We believe that if you can't get out fishing, you might as well read about fishing. Pick up a good read today!

The John Gierach Collection

If you're an angler and haven't read any John Gierach, you're missing out. The quintessential outdoor writer, Gierach's style is ironic, witty, and clever. Always funny, often picaresque and largely underrated, these books can be enjoyed by anglers and non-anglers equally. Prepare to be amused and entertained with reads like "Sex, Death and Fly-Fishing", and "All Fishermen Are Liars". We have you covered with over ten titles in stock to choose from. Starting at $19.99, hard and soft covers. 

Cloudbursts by Thomas McGuane

This work of 45 collected short stories by the penultimate storyteller Thomas McGuane includes 2 new and 6 previously uncollected pieces. Featuring tales from his home in Montana to the salty flats of the Bahamas and angling destinations in between, this book will appeal to the well-travelled and the wistful angler alike. Hardcover, $47.50.

River Pimp by Eric Stroup

Candid and enlightening, this book will have you appreciating your local fly shop more than ever before. Eric Stroup speaks from his experience in this in-depth journey through a lifetime of fly fishing beginning with a love affair with the Little Juniata River in Pennsylvania all the way through to the business of owning a shop. Stroup's book is a must-read for anyone interested in working in the fly fishing industry. Paperback, $35.99.

Of Wind and Tides by Stu Apte

From fighter pilot to fly fishing guide, Stu Apte's life story is nothing short of extraordinary. Of Wind and Tides is a delightful autobiography of one of the world’s true fishing legends. Angling, adventure and airplanes dominate Apte's work and with keep you on the brink of excitement throughout. Hardcover, $54.99.

101 Fish by Lefty Kreh 

Travel the globe with the late Lefty Kreh as he shares his most memorable fishing experiences. As an outdoor writer for more than 50 years, Kreh's passion for the sport of flyfishing is unmatched, and that shows through in this work. From brook trout to bonefish to bowfin, Kreh describes his best trips and worst ones, biggest fish and the ones that got away. Illustrations by Bill Bishop accompany each fish tale. Paperback, $26.99.

Graced by Waters by John Dietsch

In this collection of personal essays, John Dietsch explores our connection to the outdoors through the prism of fly fishing and investigates its transformative and healing power in the face of loss. Writing about guiding in Colorado, filming fly fishing in New Zealand, and being Brad Pitt's stunt double in A River Runs Through It, Dietsch takes the reader on a jaunt around the world that parallels a spiritual journey. Paperback, $24.00.

Water Marks by Jim McLennan

Drawing on 30 years of writing, this piece by Jim McLennan is an anecdotal assortment of essays about the who, what and where of fly fishing. A local Alberta legend, McLennan is known for his clear, confident writing style and knowledgeable presentation in his work. Beautiful photographs by Jim and Lynda McLennan pepper the book with visual delicacies. Paperback, $27.95. 

Dances With Sharks by David Ames

Viscerally human and at the same time humorous, this book by David Ames will give you all the fly fishy feels. These short stories based on Ames' experiences are poignant, powerful and piquant, packed with action and adventure. Hardcover, $33.95.  


A Passion For Steelhead by Dec Hogan


A true testament to Dec Hogan's skill as a writer, this book is both a tribute to a lifelong romance and a practical technical manual. Not only an indispensable guide to those who choose to chase chrome, Hogan's writing engenders enthusiasm and appreciation for the true treasure that steelhead are. Paperback, $67.96.

My Bow River by Barry White

Albertan author Barry White combines the best stories and information from 40 years of fly fishing the Bow River in Calgary. An easy, casual read that any angler interested in improving their Bow River game can benefit from. Includes maps, hatch charts, fly patterns and fishy stories. Softcover, $25.00. 


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