Must-Have Gifts For the Fly Tying Beginner

Must-Have Gifts For the Fly Tying Beginner

The fly tying beginner can quickly find themselves overwhelmed with the sheer volume of things to make, and the materials and tools to make them. Help your new tier find direction with these easy gifts

Loon Bench Kit - $39.99

Why buy all the cements and waxes needed for tying separately when they come in a bundle? The Loon Bench Kit includes High Tack Swax, Low Tack Swax, Hard Head Clear, Hard Head Black, and WB Head Cement System.


 Loon Ergo Bobbin - $29.99

An indispensable fly tying tool, updated to be comfortable in the hand. Powder coated handle and smooth rotation works well when tying a variety of fly sizes. Your special someone already has a bobbin? Don't worry! A tyer can never have too many bobbins! 



Hareline Silicone Hook & Bead Pad - $8.99

Keeping hooks and beads from rolling away can be an eternal frustration for fly tiers everywhere. Help your new tier manage this with ease with the Hareline Silicone Hook and Bead Pad. Silicone is easy to clean and fly tying adhesives have no chance of sticking around.


The Handbook of Fly Tying by Peter Gathercole - $34.99

One of Britain's best fly dressers, Peter Garthercole, brings us this excellent primer on beginning fly tying. Learn how to read a fly recipe, choose tools, and select the materials with this entry level book. Step by step color photos show fly progression in position with the tyer's hand. Give a solid gift! Books never go bad or disappear from the internet!


Hareline Dubbing ICE Dub Dispensers - $29.99

12 of the most popular colors of one of the most popular synthetic dubbings all in one handy dispenser box! Also available in trout, steelhead and additional colors.

Solarez Roadie Kit - $44.99

For those that want to take the leap into UV resins right away, the Solarez Roadie Kit contains everything you need to tie a variety of patterns - Thin-Hard, Thick-Hard, & FLEX formulas. Each comes in a 5-gram tube (1/10 oz) with applicator tip. Also included is a Very High Output UV flashlight with optimal wavelength. (takes one “AA” battery, not included.)


Whiting Introductory Hackle Pack - $139.00

Hackle has become one of the most costly materials involved with getting started in fly tying. Four-in-one hackle packs like these keep the cost of getting started down without having to purchase full capes and saddles of the most commonly used natural colors. The best value going in quality hackle currently available (limited quantities.)

Dr. Slick Prism Scissors -  $24.99
These scissors have a Titanium Nitride coating on the entire scissors, creating a harder blade surface and thus makes them ideal for synthetic materials. The finish is a unique and fantastic swirl of red, green, blue and orange, and no two finishes are ever the same.

Wapsi Super Deluxe Fly Tying Starter Kit - $169.99

Everything your new tyer needs to start tying flies at home in one easy to wrap box. This deluxe kit contains materials and instructions to tie 17 different patterns from the infamous San Juan Worm to classic Clouser Minnows. included are vise, basic tools, hooks, materials and instructions. Also available is a smaller kit containing materials and instructions for 10 patterns for $124.99.

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