Gideon's Go-to's

Gideon's Go-to's

Tacky Pescador - MagPad - Small My go-to small box for walking and wading or just having a small versatile box that holds a lot of flies. The MagPad is really useful for quick fly changes when needed, as well as loading that batch of half a dozen flies you tied last minute the night before a trip.

Sage Igniter 790-4 Easily my new favorite streamer rod. This workhorse of a rod can bomb casts when needed  and be accurate in those shorter range small slot casts. The fast action really helps in windy conditions to punch flies out when the wind is not cooperating with you, and build line speed to get flies out in fewer false casts than previously needed.

Lamson Litespeed F 7+ whisky  One of my favorite reels I have owned, and easily the lightest seven weight reel I have used yet. The ergonomic design helps with building a simple and durable reel. The large arbor is awesome for easy and fast line pickup, and not to mention Lamson’s ever-present time-tested drag. 

R-Evolution Hair stacker Large-

The less there is to break the better. This hair stacker that Renzetti has created is a nice, clean, simple, and large hair stacker. The struggle of dealing with trying to get just the right amount of hair in your stacker is gone, and the worries of the time consuming tap on your bench is gone.

DR Slick arrow tungsten carbide Scissors 3.5 inch  If you need nice clean and sharp precision scissors that will last; look no further than the DR Slick Arrow Tungsten Carbide Scissors. I have nothing to complain about these beauties. Comfortable in the hand, and sharp edges make for the ideal and versatile scissor that every tyer needs in their vast hoard. I have been using these for just about a year now, and the scissors still hold a good edge that will last me many more flies to be cut,cleaned and shaped.

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