Eight Essential Gifts for Experienced Fly Tyers

Eight Essential Gifts for Experienced Fly Tyers

One thing about fly tying that happens to all of us who dive into this hobby is that we quickly seem to have some of everything and at the same time never have exactly what we need. Gift cards are great because they allow a fly tyer to fill in the gaps with needed materials, but sometimes it's nice to wrap a gift with some substance to put under the tree. Here's our staff's top eight gift ideas for the hard to shop for fly tyer.

Hareline Fly Tyers' Thread/Spool Stash Box - $23.99

The perfect box for organizing a fly tyer's spooled materials - wire, floss, thread, tinsel and more! *Threads not included

Loon Bench Rings - $8.99

Materials look so great hanging on the wall in a shop, but most fly tying benches look like a bomb just went off. The Bench Rings solve that problem. The stainless steel rings allow tyers to organize materials, hooks and beads using the same bags they came in. The Assorted 3 Pack includes 3 Bench Rings that are 30cm, 40cm and 50cm long. The Small 3 pack includes 3 Bench Rings that are 10 cm long.


Loon UV Infinity Light - $79.99

Most serious tyers these days are using UV resins, and a powerful UV light is a must have. This handheld light is powerful enough for professional tyers and rechargeable using a standard USB cable. The green light turns red when requiring charging - never again put up with waning power and changing batteries while curing flies.

Hareline Silicone Mega Tying Pad

The Hareline Silicone Mega Fly Tying Pad will keep your hooks and beads from rolling or sliding away. Easy to clean and protects your table or desk surface. Pad measures 18" X 24".

The Feather Thief by Kirk Wallace Johnson - $27.99

What would possess a person to steal hundreds of dead birds? Beauty. Obsession. Fly tying. Take a dive in to the underground world of fanatical fly tyers and plume peddlers as Johnson takes you through this true tale of the natural history heist of the century.  Not just for fly tyers, this book can appeal to anyone interested in true crime, natural history or fly fishing. Available in paperback. 


Renzetti Traveler Vise 2302 - $299.99

The perfect vise to upgrade from a basic model or to add to your travel tying kit, the Renzetti Traveler Series offers the great features of true rotary vise in a lighter weight option. The 2302 comes with a black powder-coated C-clamp, 8” stem, cam jaw with the strongest hook holding power in the industry, and a bobbin cradle. There are many options and accessories you can add to the Traveler Series making it very versatile for the fly tyer who wants a vise that will do it all.

Hareline Material Clamp Set - $38.99

New for 2020 from Hareline, this clamp follows the trends of dubbing and composite loop tying techniques. Designed for easy preparation and handling of materials. Available in 1", 1.5" and 2" Lengths.

Norvise Automatic Bobbin - $99.99

This bobbin will rewind itself, making thread management simple, quick and efficient. This bobbin automatically retracts instantly to the correct tying position, yet remains suspended from the hook where released. The bobbin works perfectly with the Norvise Vises and Vise Thread Post that comes with the vises. Extra spools available in boxes of 10 for $79.99




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