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Dave's Faves

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I actually bought two pair of my updated prescription as it had been four years! I decided to try the progressive lens on one pair so I didn’t need to take my glasses off each time I tied a knot. What a difference! I love them and it was so freeing to just be able to do up close things without having to change anything other than “look down” through the progressive portion of the lens. I will only buy progressive from now on! Good RX lens on frames that fit you well are crucial to various fly fishing applications. We can arrange to get RX sunglasses from Kaenon in distance only or progressive. 

 Coban wrap - A very simple thing but absolutely “finger saving” when using Coban in various fly fishing situations. Simply wrap (typically 3 layers) your one or two fingers you strip the line against and your good to go. Absolutely essential in saltwater, golden dorado and peacock bass applications but also very helpful on a day of streamer fishing on the Bow.  
 15 lb Shinsei Fluorocarbon I have been using P-Line tippet for many years. Shinsei is their version of the “newer style” of Fluro in that it has a bit of stretch and is not as stiff as 1st generation FC. 15 lb is what I use the most (12lb second most). Streamer fishing when the water is colored, bonefishing, coho on the ocean, and permit fishing. 15 lb Shinsei helped me land one of my lifetime best fly rod catches. A 30-35 lb Cubera Snapper on the flats while permit fishing in Cuba. (Photo of Cubera)


Brown flesh eating sculpin (we're working to add more flies to the website - this one isn't up there yet.)

 This fly has been around for years but I tend to use others or try new ones. This particular day in August Bow River fish showed an obvious preference for this fly. The water had gotten very dirty from the rainstorms the night before. So dirty in fact that other anglers pulled the pin on going that day and Nancy & I almost did as well. Glad we didn’t! It turned out to be one of the best streamer days I’ve had in several years. Nancy kept trying different flies and had some success but she finally put on the brown sculpin and increased her catch rate. So sometimes the specific fly can make your day! (Photo of the brown I got that day) should take a picture of the fly with recipe to tie


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