Courtney's Catches

Courtney's Catches

SA Regulator Hemo  -This season I've been using the SA Regulator Ergo Hemo and find them to be the perfect combo tool and truly ergonomic in design. The cutter works well for mono and fluoro tippet material and the flat jaws pinch barbs and remove hooks easily. Check out Courtney's review of these hemos. 
Five stars! ★★
Rio Premier Glacial Gold Floating Fly Line - In the winter on the Bow I'm partial to fishing my two-hand rods, but occasionally the day calls for single-hand fishing and for that I really like the Rio Glacial Gold Line. The PolarFlex coating technology keeps the line supple in conditions that would cause coiling on most freshwater trout lines, so the cold weather casting is a lot more enjoyable.  
I don't worry so much about the cold weather causing extra wear on my line either as this coating keeps the line from becoming more stiff and brittle. An added bonus is that the taper is the same as the regular Rio Gold Line so my rod and reel setup doesn't have to change from what I would use other times of the year with this line. It doesn't do huge heavy streamers or heavy nymph setups, but that's okay when my go-to nymphs for winter are mostly small. It's a great line to have for a die hard trout bum like me that wants to get out on the water with a single hand rod for a couple of hours on those slightly above 0 winter days. I use Loon Stanley's Ice Off Paste to protect my guides as a companion product for all my cold weather fishing. 
The Patagonia Women's Tropic Comfort Natural Shirt that I picked up this spring has become my go-to sun shirt on the water as well as a comfortable, every day option in the shop or in a casual setting. It's very soft in hand, super stretchy, the fit is well designed, and I really like the built in face cover with drawstring toggle, as this minimizes bulk around my neck when layered with other garments. All of these things are great, but the best thing about it is the natural material it's made of - Modal. Essentially, beech tree pulp! Who knew we could have a high performance sun shirt this comfortable, made from beech tree pulp? It reminds me of the feel of some of the bamboo fabrics on the market, but with proven technical performance. It is heavier overall than other UPF options, but I don't mind that as it is not at all transparent and this doesn't make it too warm or at all uncomfortable. I'll definitely be looking for another one when next season's colors come out.
Patagonia Women's Tropic Comfort Natural Shirt
Patagonia Women's Pack Out Hike Tights are now my all-time favorite leggings. They feature a smooth stretchy panel over the knees and backside that eliminates binding when layered under waders. These panels add a level of durability to these high wear areas so they don't snag easily or pill. Both the main material and panel material is stretchy, but not too much, and thick enough that it is not at all see-through like some other famous brands have become. They can be worn as a technical garment for outdoor pursuits but are also great casual leggings. I like the drop in side pockets for items I want handy like my phone or a slim fly box, and they also have an integrated zip pocket for more secure storage. They have really held up well to washing and use and show nearly zero wear or tear. 
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