Spirit River UV2 Dos Jail Barred Rabbit Strips

Spirit River UV2 Dos Jail Barred Rabbit Strips

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UV2 Dos-Jail Rabbit Strips have a base color and a top color. They are then barred for a natural creature look. These are perfect for streamers, steelhead flies or pike/musky flies.

Spirit River leads the way in UV2 technology. They use a double dye process to give all their unique UV2 materials the added UVF/UVR ultraviolet wave lengths.UVF is the fluorescent wavelength. Fish can see this spectrum in brighter colors than we see. This allows fish to see flies at a much greater distance, even in varying light and water conditions. UVR or Ultra Violet Reflectance, is a UV light that cannot be readily seen with the human eye in some wavelengths, but it can be seen by most insects and animals.

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