Sizzle Flare Lighter

Sizzle Flare Lighter

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Inspired by the late-night allure of Paris café & clubs in the 1950’s, the Sizzle Flare functions as a fuel-free USB rechargeable lighter.

Flip the lid open and observe the glowing LED display on the spine. Gently press the button to engage the powerful plasma arc igniter.

Most lighters can get about 100 ignitions per charge; however, this depends on how long you hold the ignition for. The longer you hold it the more charge you use so you get less ignitions. The Flare lighter gets approximately 30 ignitions per charge.

Charge your Sizzle Flare lighter from any USB device or USB adapter. Do not use a fast USB charging port. Draining the battery reduces the life of the battery. The concealed lithium battery provides energy for approximately 30 ignitions per charge. Battery lifespan is rated for 3,000 uses or 100 charges. (USB charge cord included)

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