Pocket Guide To Matching The Hatch

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This compact, little pocket book features images of the natural insect next to its matching artificial fly and is a great tool for anglers as they prepare to hit the water. 

The guide offers: 

  • Superb photographs of aquatic insects (larvae, pupae, adults) with the artificial flies positioned alongside them
  • Times of hatching
  • The geographical distribution
  • Whether it is a river fly or a lake fly, or both
  • Life cycles of the insects
  • Clues from the river and from the trout's behaviour

By Peter Lapsley - 2010
Peter Lapsley contributes regularly to Flyfishing & Flytying and is author of several fishing books. He is a qualified national game angling instructor. Dr Cyril Bennett is one of the UK's leading entomologists, specialising in river insects. His photographs of insects - some never before captured on camera - add a unique element to this book.

Peter Lapsley
 has been fishing for trout, sea trout and grayling in the UK and overseas for over 50 years and is a qualified game angling instructor. He has contributed countless articles to a wide range of British and overseas game angling and field sports magazines. This is the eleventh book he has written or co-written. Although he lives in London and fishes chiefly on the chalkstreams and stillwaters of southern England, Peter retains a passion for the lovely wild-trout waters of Scotland, Wales and Ireland, of the north and south-west England. He is married with two children.

By Peter Lapsley

2010 Softcover 

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