Nymphing 101 (2nd Edition) by Steve Hudson

Nymphing 101 (2nd Edition) by Steve Hudson

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According to the experts, fish do as much as 90 percent or more of their feeding underwater, & fly fishing with nymphs allows you to get in on the subsurface action. Getting into nymphing could seem intimidating...until now. (Saddle stitched)

NYMPHING 101 demystifies nymph fishing and makes it easy to learn. In this book you'll start by seeing what nymphing is and why it can be so effective. You'll look at subsurface insects and at picking flies to imitate them. You'll see how to select and use split shot and strike indicators, and you'll learn several different ways to rig nymphs and emergers for effective fishing. You'll also learn how to cast a nymphing rig without creating tangles! Finally, you'll find many practical tips on how to fish with nymphs in a variety of different fishing situations.

By Steve Hudson 2015

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