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The first destination to steal our hearts…. The allure of this country, its people, and its flats continues to pull us back. Our current trip offerings are to the Las Salinas area of Cuba where the flats teem with bonefish, the river is home to tarpon, and permit regularly streak across the flats. This destination is a great choice for anglers who enjoy the thrill of a screaming run, like the chance to catch decent numbers of bonefish, and want a good opportunity at tarpon. The one to one (guide: client) ratio is great too. (A little bit of Spanish can go along way for you at this destination.)

Christmas Island

If you’re after diversity of species and a chance to be off-the-grid look no further than Christmas Island. Giant trevally (GT), bonefish, blue fin trevally, golden trevally, triggerfish, puffer fish, tuna, wahoo, milkfish, goatfish…. the list goes on. A great place to hone your sight casting skills or fish channels for whatever might swim by. Accomodation is in air-conditioned two storey cabins beside the ocean. There’s no wi-fi or social media. You are off the grid and on the hunt.

Mexico’s TarponTown Anglers

If the acrobatic leap of tarpon appeals to you look no further than Tarpontown Anglers. Based out of Campeche, the capital of Mexico’s Campeche Province in the Yucatan, these guys are masters of the area and although you don’t head to Campeche for the big guys you definitely have your share of chances at their younger cousins. Your days will include chances to sight cast to cruisers, blind cast into mangroves, roll cast in mangrove channels, and maybe target tarpon rolling on the surface on open water. Your time on the water will be punctuated with moments of adrenalin induced by the acrobatic leap of the silver king. It’s fun fishing for sure.

Water Cay Bonefish Lodge on Grand Bahamas

This smaller, family-owned lodge across the way from Freeport, Grand Bahamas is home to fantastic guides and big bonefish. Whether you’re venturing to the salt for the first or 21st time Water Cay Bonefish Lodge is a great option. You’ll be sight casting to large bonefish as they are tailing the flat or cruising toward the boat. The guides are excellent coaches and there’s no language barrier.

Agua Boa Lodge – Brazil

Historically this has been a biennual destination. We do plan to return but have added a dorado trip to Argentina to our 2017 destination list. Agua Boa Lodge is a jungle destination oasis in the middle of nowhere and is home to a hugely diverse collection of species. Anglers enjoy the opportunity to target trophy-sized peacock bass, arawana, araipama, and other bass species while in the Amazon river basin. Although you’re in the middle of nowhere you are definitely not ‘roughing it.

Alphonse, Seychelles

The Seychelles has been on David’s bucket list for quite awhile. A few weeks ago we took a casual poll of some of our well-traveled anglers and learned that Seychelles was still on the top of many folks’ list. So after some research and discussion we have selected Alphonse as our first destination to visit in that part of the world. This area is home to giant trevally and other trevally species, Indo-pacific permit, large bonefish and a plethora of other species. Join Dave on this once in a lifetime adventure.
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