Douglas Pippus – Guide

How long have you been fishing?
15 years

How long have you been fly fishing?
15 years

How long have you been guiding?
10 years

Why and how did you get started in guiding?
I guide because I really enjoy people and showing them the quality of the Bow River fishery. In addition, I use almost all of the revenue from my guiding to fund work that I do among disadvantaged people in the developing world.

Are you a fly tyer?
I only dabble at fly tying due to my busy “off water” schedule.

What do you row? Why?
2007 Clackacraft 16’ low profile because I like the design, the room for clients, and the way it handles on the water.

Favorite fishing technique?
Personally: I have always enjoyed nymphing but am increasingly thrilled with the take of a big trout on a streamer (especially in off-color water). With Clients: I don’t have a favorite technique with clients. Instead, I try to find what is working best and to help them get better at that technique so they can hook fish during their day on the water. Do you prefer guiding experienced anglers or beginners? I have no preference and find both beginners and experienced anglers to be wonderful companions for a day on the water.

Your strengths as a guide?
I like teaching and enjoy relating to all types of people. I will work hard as an oarsman to provide maximum opportunity for an angler at each run.

What do you do to add to the experience on a slow(er) day?
On a slower day, I’ll try to help clients improve their technique as well as their ability to read water. I’ll also try to point out some of the natural beauty and history that surround us as we float the Bow. Next to that, I’ll try to keep the clients well-fed and hydrated!

Favorite guide-related memory?
A German couple (both experienced anglers) decided to purchase a float trip after two days of fishing on their own. We had a marvelous day together with many fish hooked (her first landed fish was a 22-inch Brown). When I dropped them off at the end of the day, they told me that they had wrestled with whether or not to spend the money on a guide. Having completed the trip, they said they were very glad they had done so. It always provides enjoyment for me to help people make a memory.

Embarassing anecdote (something that happened while guiding)?
In the first week after purchasing my new boat, I rowed through a rapid to show some friends a submerged rock that could be dangerous to a boat. Unfortunately, I dropped my boat right onto the rock in question and chipped the chine of my newly-purchased boat. So much for the guide knowing the water!

This is seasonal work…. What do you do in the off-season?
I am the pastor of an evangelical church in Calgary.

Given the opportunity who would you choose to fish with? Or someone who has inspired you as an angler/tyer/teacher/guide.
Good friends Any of a number of local guides/anglers whom I’ve come to know and learn from through my experiences here in Calgary on the Bow (especially, Mark Sokolowski, Terry, Aaron, Todd, Dave, Nancy, Rob) Anyone who sincerely wanted to enjoy a day on the Bow.

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