Christmas is coming....

Christmas is coming....

This time of year we see a lot of family and friends of our regular clients - some of whom have never been in the shop or have no interest in fly fishing. We are here to help. 

With just over a week until Christmas we've put together some gift ideas for the fly angler on your list. 

A new rod - Believe it or not a new rod can be the PERFECT gift for an angler whether they're new to the sport or have been fishing for years. We know it's hard to believe that the angler in your life may need a 4th, 6th, or umpteenth rod, but they just might and here's why. 

  • Rod technology changes - we won't go into detail about rod tapers or materials but will say that every year manufacturer's continue improving rod technology.
  • Angler ability/interest changes - maybe your angler can now handle a faster action rod that will work better in the wind or maybe they've evolved to fishing primarily dry flies or want to start euro-nymphing. Just like you can't golf 18 holes with one club you can't fish every situation with one rod. 

Consumables and no we don't mean a case of beer or box of oranges. Anglers use stuff up (or lose it.) Flies, leaders, tippet, indicators, floatant are all relatively inexpensive items that anglers go through when they spend time on the water. A few leaders, or spools of tippet will be appreciated as they resume their pursuit next season. 

(According to Matt)... anything Camo will be a hit. Examples include the SIMMS G3 Veil Camo waders or the brand new Lamson First Lite Fusion limited edition Litespeed reels. More affordable options would be the veil camo from SIMMS in a Solarflex shirt, long-sleeve Bicomp, or Ball cap. 

Aside from the obvious items like rods, reels, line, waders, boots, and flies, one of the most important tools in the anglers box is polarized sunglasses. Good eye wear can make the difference between seeing in to the water or missing the spots fish hold in. Plus, they are an important piece of safety equipment. We can even help out with prescription sunglasses. 

Gadgets: Who doesn't love a new gadget? The shop is full of gadgets - some of them are angler specific and others are useful on and off the water. 

  • Clic Eyewear - ideal gift for anyone who's always trying to locate their reading glasses. These ones sit unobtrusively around the neck and are easily accessible whenever they're needed. 
  • Along the same idea (of failing eyesight) a hook threading tool. We have a couple options - Dr. Slick's or Anglers Image' Magnetic Fly Threader.
  • Nebo flashlights - we've got a great selection of these affordable and powerful lights that are handy for everything from camping to hiking to power outages. 
  • The SIZZLE line of lighters. USB chargeable with the added feature of a flashlight. These are just cool. 
  • I could go on but instead we recommend stopping by to peruse the shelves for a gadget to go gaga over. 

Gifts for the fly tyer:

  • Boxed dubbing assortments - We've just replenished our inventory and have boxed selections of ice dub, Senyo's, and more. 
  • Bobbin - tyers who use more than one color or size thread will appreciate having an extra bobbin. We have lots of options from Renzetti, Rite, Loon Outdoors... 
  • A new vise. We've got a broad selection of vises ranging from $30 to $1,000. If you have a dedicated tyer on your "to buy for" list we recommend considering a new Renzetti or Stonfo vise. 

 Experience-based gifts. If you're still not sure what to buy or simply tired of all "the stuff" then a fly fishing experience may be just the option.

  • a fly fishing or fly tying course
  • a private casting lesson to help their distance or accuracy
  • a private fishing lesson to figure out nymphing or streamer fishing on the Bow. 
  • a guided Bow River Float trip (these are for two people and make a great parent/child gift or couples day outing.) 
  • a trip to a faraway fishing destination like Cuba, Mexico, or Christmas Island. 

And last but not least our best selling option by far is the gift certificate. Available in any amount with no expiry date these let the recipient pick their favorite item(s) from the shop. (Just remember that we are CLOSED on Boxing Day so don't head over then.) 

All the best for this holiday season from David, Nancy, and the Team. Hope your Christmas wishes come true. 


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