Brazil Early 2024 - Explore the Amazon with Fish Tales and Bucket List Fly Fishing

Brazil Early 2024 - Explore the Amazon with Fish Tales and Bucket List Fly Fishing

 Through a series of Google searches and small-world connections I recently came across Bucket List Fly Fishing. Our 2023 trip to South America rekindled my love of fishing in the jungle and the amazing species that inhabit it. I really want to return to the Amazon basin so was searching the numerous operators within it. 

An extremely unique opportunity has come out of my discussions with Rob & Karim (partners at Bucket List Fly Fishing). We have a chance to be one of the first groups of anglers into one of the least fished areas of the Amazon (upper Xeriuini River) for the past several years. If something good has come out of covid it is that many sport fishing areas received so little to no-pressure that the fisheries are in pristine shape.

If you would like to join Nancy and I for the week of January 13 to 20, 2024 you could literally be the first angler to show a fly to peacock bass that have never seen one before. In your angling life journey you rarely get opportunities like this. I have been extremely fortunate in my career and have had this opportunity a few times (fly out lakes in the NWT, Cuba, and Africa). This fishery is at 0° 0' on the Equator in northern Brazil!

To take advantage of this opportunity though we have to commit in a short period of time (we have until April 20, 2023) otherwise it will be offered to other anglers. So if you are interested in what I consider to be one of the most unique fisheries (and there is SO MUCH more to an Amazon experience than the fishing) on the planet please contact us ASAP.

Trip details: 

  • $5,950 USD - $4,250CDN deposit required to book (FULL)

What's included:

  • airport transfers from Manaus
  • return flight from Manaus to fishing camp
  • 7 nights in floating cabins - double occupancy
  • 6 days guided fishing - shared boat 
  • all meals and beverages while in camp 
  • fishing licence

Not included: 

  • Return flights to Manaus, Brazil
  • Gratuities (camp staff and guides) 
  • Accommodations and meals in Manaus
  • Tours in Manaus

The following video show what the area is like and is from the first exploratory trip in 2019. It has been unfished since!


This 2023 video shows the “back-up” plan. If for some reason the primary area of the Xeriuini  is not deemed fishable (as it wasn’t in 2023) Plan B looks pretty spectacular as well!!




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